What exhibits will the museum have?


The museum will not be a "white cube" type of museum. The museum will be inspired by Marguerite Fawdry who started Pollocks Toy Museum in London in the 1950s in a small shop in Covent Garden on Monmouth Street (above what is now Tatty Divine), which at the time was a very crime-ridden, rough area. She worked with local craftspeople and had shadow-box frames made, hand-typed the graphics on an old typewriter and arranged the exhibits herself, often lining the boxes with old wrapping paper and fabrics. The effect now is of more of an artists house than a museum.

Exhibitions will include graphics and art, toys, books, prints, sculpture, clothing etc along the following themes:

  • History of the unicorn
  • Unicorns around the world
  • Unicorns in Scotland - Scotland’s national animal
  • Unicorns in Forres and Findhorn - unicorn trail map - The Red Lion, Cluny, Forres High Street, Newbold House etc etc
  • Unicorns in folk tales
  • Unicorns in literature and film
  • What do unicorns symbolise/represent?
  • Unicorns in the Bible
  • Paris tapestries
  • Unicorns in the present day
  • Unicorns as a brands and logos - why do companies use them?
  • Unicorns in nightclubs and festivals
  • Unicorn costumes, props, cosplay
  • Unicorn figurines, sculptures and art
  • Unicorns as symbols for new age religions

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